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Lirry Stayne

This blog is dedicated to 1D bromance called Lirry Stayne. The bromance between Liam Payne and Harry Styles. You'll find gifs, fanfics and pics of Lirry.

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9/ favorite lirry moments

9/ favorite lirry moments
Whatcha doin Harry? ;)

Anonymous Asked:
Do u say lirry stayne or lirry payles??????????????????????????/?

My answer:

I personally say Lirry Stayne! x


Liam stared at the computer monitor. His entire body felt numb and cold as the person on the screen spoke directly to him.

“I thought I could handle this.”

The boy on the screen had long ago given into the tears that now streamed endlessly down his narrow cheeks. The hair that once flowed perfectly over his head now hung in clumps at the nape of his neck. The rich brown color looked lifeless. His once sparkling green eyes looked lifeless. The boy himself looked lifeless.

He continued to speak: slowly, fighting through tears and shaking limbs. Liam was feeling his walls break as he watched the love of his life break down in front of him and there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t reach out and hold him; he was on a computer screen.

“I just can’t do this anymore,” the voice cut through the speakers and Liam’s eyes widened in realization.

This video wasn’t just a way for his boyfriend to speak out. He hadn’t sent it to Liam in hopes that he could get this information off his chest. No, he had sent it to say goodbye.

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Anonymous Asked:
i really liked ur lirry fic!!!!! are you gonna write more????? if so i cant wait to read some more of your fics!

My answer:

Aww thank you! I’m working on one right now! xxx

Liam didn’t know why seeing Harry with Louis made his blood boil. Liam never shipped ‘Larry Stylinson’. Seeing his Harry with another person made his blood boil.

Liam was always the calm and collected one but when he saw Harry with another person all of that flew out the window replaced with a new emotion, jealousy. Even though Liam wasn’t aware of his feelings, the other boys were. (All except Harry. He was to busy sorting out his feelings about Liam). Though that’s why Louis did it. To annoy Liam because Liam had always been so sensible, he liked pushing Liam over to the edge and he had to admit seeing Liam with his fists balled up, his face all red and a pained smile on his face was quite a sight.

One day Liam had just had it. It was when Harry and Louis were having a Larry Stylinson moment. He just walked straight up to Harry, pushed Louis away and crashed his lips on the younger lad while they were backstage at a concert. Harry was shocked. The older lad slowly became aware of his actions. He quickly pulled away blushing so much he looked like a tomato only to see Niall, Zayn and Louis smirking at the pair. It was unlikely of Liam to be so forward.

"Well, well, well looks like Li-Li finally made his move on little Hazza." Louis said smirking. Liam was blushing more than ever if that was possible.

"We’ll just leave you guys alone but don’t be to loud." Niall spoke in his Irish accent. The three walked out of the little lounge area they used to relax during and before concerts snickering.

"Im so sorry Haz I don’t know what came over me." Liam apologized. Harry’s hand caressed the older boys cheek.

"There no need to be sorry Li" Harry said. His voice was more huskier than usual. "But I just kissed you! It was so sudden. I just let my emotions get the best of me-" Liam felt a soft pair of lips on his which immediately shut him up. ‘I’m glad you did’ Harry said between kisses and for the first time Liam said something he was waiting to say ever since Larry Stylinson.

"Mine" Because finally Harry was his and not anyone else’s and he loved it.

My other post got deleted :( BUT HERE’S ANOTHER ONE WITH PICTURES! :)

So there has been a lot of debate on if George Shelley is a Lirry lovechild or a Larry lovechild. So I’m gonna prove that he’s a Lirry lovechild once and for all.

George has brown eyes. You may be like ‘thats just a picture or the lighting or something’ so here’s a closer look at George’s chocolate brown eyes.

Their brown. Now I wonder who has brown eyes?

See that? Their brown. Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Louis doesn’t have brown eyes.

They’re blue. Now I knw you can’t be like ‘he gets them from Harry’ because Harry doesn’t have brown eyes either.

See how Harry’s eyes are green? Second thing. Harry and George have similar hair but Liam just adds to the awesomeness of it. Now you could be like ‘George could style his hair’. Seriously? You wanna go? I once thought of joining debating so you better watch out.

See how George has that smirk on his face but it’s also a smile?

It’s like a fucking combination of their smiles. Now I’m gonna go and die now because my Lirry heart cannot handle all this.

(George Shelley’s X-Factor audition)